Diagon Phone Holder by Fuller Fillies


Smart and stylish phone holder allowing you to wear your phone on your calf whilst riding.

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Fabric: Neoprene

Colours: Black, Tan

Features: Fits all current, standard smart phones and android phones (not tablets or phablets), will fit up to a 20” calf with ease, velcro enclosure


Our latest phone holder ensures your phone can be safely stored whilst you ride and can easily be reached in the event of an accident- and provided the phone companies don’t go even bigger with their phones this one will fit iPhones and android phones with it’s gusseted 8cm x 15cm pouch.

…and, with super-smart styling the ‘Diagon’ (name might be channelled from Harry Potter…) the Diagon could happily be strapped to a man’s leg without fear of him appearing ‘girly’!

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