Fuller_Fillies_5.jpgThe ultimate in comfort has to be Pull on Jodhpurs with their super-stretchiness and lack of metal fastenings. As the name suggests – pull on jodhpurs are exactly that – you pull them on as though they were a pair of thick tights so, by design, they have excellent stretch qualities to compensate for their lack of zips and hooks.

Pull on Jodhpurs are the obvious choice for any lady rider who is ‘delicate’ around the waist; maybe they have caesarian scarring which other jodhpurs and Breeches interfere with – pull on jodhpurs cause no such irritation or interference!

Then there’s ladies who suffer with digestive disorders such as Crone’s Disease or Colitis – for them, pull on jodhpurs offer an essential riding garment coupled with absolute comfort; and let’s not forget the younger end of the market…’millennials’ seem to have a penchant for piercings and the last thing you need when riding is a metal hook to become entangled in your latest navel adornment; again, pull on jodhpurs to the rescue!

These uses for pull on jodhpurs are probably fairly well recognized amongst Equestrian ladies however, pull on jodhpurs have another application…many ladies wear pull on jodhpurs underneath other, more traditional looking legwear, either for extra warmth, or to act as a smoothing layer – whatever the reason, pull on jodhpurs offer the perfect solution.

Have you ever noticed the distinct lack of ‘leisure clothing’ for larger ladies? You know, the kind of thing you would wear to yoga or pilates! Many ladies are now turning to pull on jodhpurs to wear for exercise as they are simply the most comfortable and flattering garments they can find!

So what do you need to consider when choosing pull on jodhpurs? Well, firstly, their lack of fastenings mean they need to be super-stretchy…so look for a minimum 5% lycra or spandex in the fabric description.

If you don’t like a pull on jodhpur with a high waist because you are short in the torso, many pull on jodhpur styles have a waistline that is dipped to the center front meaning that these pull on jodhpurs are fairly low rise at center front, which is also quite flattering as a V is formed which elongates the overall look.

Pull on jodhpurs often carry the description ‘Riding Tights’; all this means is that instead of a turn-up cuff they have a straight bottom with a little grip on the inside provided by silicone, which gives a smooth outline. There are however, many pull on jodhpur styles that do have a little cuff, for the more traditional rider.

I hear, from our Euro-Cousins, that there is a new trend for pulling up your jodhpurs and then turning back the waist to reveal the Brand name inside; pull on jodhpurs are prefect for this as the elastic is unbroken

Looking after your pull on jodhpurs is simple; wash them as per the label and dry them WITHOUT using fabric softener, which will degrade lycra quickly thereby effecting the overall strength of your pull on jodhpurs. If you choose a pull on jodhpur that is a Nylon based composition then the yarn will have been dyed prior to weaving, which means colour permanence is extremely high – and that’s why riders in hot, sunny countries like Australia love them!

Whatever your reasoning for choosing pull on jodhpurs, I’m sure you will agree – they are very versatile and provide the perfect solution for many comfort issues!