Being a ‘niche’ Brand with little competition in the marketplace means we regularly get approached by Customers asking us for Sponsorship; this request is usually supported with images of several beautiful horses and a detailed list of the costs of keeping them; and of course, there is always a rationale as to why WE should help with this costs!

Does this make for an effective Sponsorship request though?

In every business transaction there has to be a pay-off for each party - how would our Brand benefit from such an agreement?

The simple, if unpopular answer is that, other than the philanthropic pay-off, which is already covered by our work with Disabled Riders and contributions to Cancer charities, there is none.

So, what do Fuller Fillies, as a Brand, look for in a Sponsored Rider or Brand Ambassador?

The very first thing we look at is how well the Rider knows our Brand of goods; Have they purchased from us? Can we see images of them wearing our product? For such a relationship to be fully symbiotic it is vitally important that the Rider starts out as a fan of what we do.

The next question we ask ourselves is, “How is this person going to spread the word about Fuller Fillies to other potential Customers?” This can come from various routes; maybe they are a Riding Instructor, Therapist, Vet, Dentist, Lecturer - professionally in a position where they see and talk to many other ladies who ride. This kind of system works like a dream. We Dress the lady -> she wears our clothing at work -> people look up to her and want the same things, especially when they talk about the comfort, quality and price!

Then there’s the wonderful world of Social Media! Does the applicant have a vibrant, professional Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter page? Lots of followers who regularly interact keep the algorithms happy and ensure the message gets out there to as wide an audience as possible…and if they also have an equestrian blog with a good following then all the better!

We need to make a simple calculation; if we send this person say £200 worth of product, will we get an equal return in terms of advertising?

Fuller Fillies has had a fantastic Ambassador in the US for a couple of years now; she’s an Instructor who is very active on Social Media and knows how to work it…we sent her Boots, she wore them and had great photography done, then she posted the photos, with her review and a link to the selling page on our website -on her Facebook Page and on her Blog. and you know what? Within days we sold 5 pairs of those boots to brand new Customers, meaning she had repaid us in full!

Sydni (she won’t mind me naming her) treats this relationship like a business; she ensures she does her bit, lets us know what she’s doing and where, and she does it well!

It isn’t Rocket Science really - it’s Business. And you know what? This isn’t unique to Fuller Fillies …approach any Brand with a “Here’s what I can do for you” approach and the chances are, you will walk away with some kind of support! Do a good job and you’ll have other Brands queuing up to employ your services!