I had a Customer Services message last week from a customer who was complaining that the front pockets on her new CheckMate Breeches were too small to accommodate her Mobile (Cell) phone; my response to her was probably one of the best pieces of advice I have ever given and, given the message, one I think needs sharing!

Some of you will be aware that I spent most of the Summer of 2014 on Chemotherapy following a diagnosis of Breast cancer in March that year; there was no previous history of Breast Cancer in my family although the perceived wisdom is that, as a childless woman, I was always more at risk (apparently, giving birth before the age of 25 offers some protection).

There is something that has come back to me time and again; remember when phones were small? Back in 2010 small ‘Lipstick’ phones were all the rage; measuring only 4 x 12cm they were perfectly proportioned for popping down your bra…and every time I rode this is exactly what I did! Always in the left hand cup as I’m right-handed…and precisely where my cancer grew! I can still hear a Swedish Brand owner who saw me do this at Spoga one year; “you really shouldn’t do that you know – it causes Breast Cancer!” Thing is, I have this awful feeling that he was dead right!

I don’t really trust mobile phones and keep my usage limited (although the fact I can never find it contributes greatly to this…) and always use the speaker rather than have the damned thing pressed to my ear – but the fact remains that, even when not in use your phone is receiving signals from transmitters, which is why they get hot…and those signals don’t reach a body and go around it – they go through it!

So, of course, putting a phone down your bra is hugely irresponsible – and to be honest, the same goes for popping it into your hip pocket; breech/jodhpur pockets lye directly over your ovaries / intestine / pancreas / liver – all soft organs that are prone to tumor formation – do you really want to take the risk?

Of course – there’s another issue to consider - and that is accessibility; if you are out riding and have your phone in your pocket you have to stand up to get the phone out, which isn’t ideal…put it into a designated phone-holder strapped to your leg and you don’t need to perform saddle-yoga to answer it!

We all need to think these things through better Ladies; we know we shouldn’t smoke because of the cancer risk – but we should also act upon the threat that the mobiles and cells we all have pose.


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