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Whole hide leather Boot with supportive sole; in three lengths and two widths to accommodate calves up to 20" wide with ease!

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ORDERING FROM USA/CANADA/AUSTRALIA/NZ? Do you know that you can add up to three pairs of Breeches/Jods/Half Chaps/shirts and only pay to ship the Boots?

Fabric: Supple, Full-Grain leather.

Fit: Tailored. 3 inches of stretch on each size.

Colours: Black

Features: Long back zip for easy access, Top Security strap, neat ankle, broad elastic panel for perfect fit, stirrup-placement sole.

The only 'off the shelf' boot available that will accommodate short calves that are also chunky as well as those calves owned by taller ladies (and men!)

Winner of the 2011 'Your Horse' magazine Best boot Competition.

An elegant boot that has been designed and structured not only to accommodate wider calves but also make putting them on easier.

Lengths (taken centre back):

Short (measures 16 inches from heel to top)

Standard (measures 18 inches from heel to top)

Long (measures 20 inches from heel to top)


M Wide 15" unstretched - 17.5" full stretch

Wide 17" unstretched - 19.5" full stretched

XWide 19" unstretched - 21.5" full stretched

Widest measurement given is the calf width that size will accommodate given a little time to mold to your leg. It is essential that you do not force the zip as it will cause lasting damage. Ladies who are on the cusp of sizing should opt for the narrower fitting and allow a little time for the leather to stretch with careful wear as, wearing boots that are a loose fit on the calf will cause over-drop and ultimately, damage to the base of the zip.

Those requiring wider widths should check out the 'Ali Gaiters' which go up to 22" widths.

Don't understand our sizing? Please read our Fitting Guide and any useful Downloads on the right side of your screen

Fuller Fillies boot sizing

By (Springfield, Australia) on 12 Feb. 2018 (Show/Dress Boot by Fuller Fillies) :

So happy!

I'm absolutely thrilled with these boots and can't believe they arrived in Australia within a week! Just in time for our very first Dressage Test this weekend. They fit perfectly. I am actually wearing them around the house today I love them so much :D

By (London, United Kingdom) on 07 Nov. 2017 (Show/Dress Boot by Fuller Fillies) :

So pleased with these boots!

I have a short thick calf and never thought I could get a proper full-length boot, but these are amazing! I followed the fitting instructions and they are a perfect fit. Such good quality too! Can hardly wait for my next show!

By (Helena, United States) on 08 Feb. 2017 (Show/Dress Boot by Fuller Fillies) :

Incredible boots and service

These are wonderful boots for those of us with more than matchstick calves! They last well.....and the customer service is amazing. I ordered these boots over the weekend; they were delivered Wednesday morning. (This is actually faster than the delivery years ago when I purchased my first pair in the states!) Keep up the good work!!!

By (Jordan, Canada) on 22 Jan. 2017 (Show/Dress Boot by Fuller Fillies) :

First Fuller Fillies purchase

I was a little nervous about purchasing boots without first fitting them as I am a difficult fiit. I am tall and "fuller" and I thought that my only option would be custom boots. These are 1/4 the cost of custom, even with shipping. Staff was amazing when I called with questions. The boots would have rated a 5 except there ankles could be a lot more contoured.

...and now they are! we have had this feedback a couple of times so, as of January 2017, all of our new-in boots have a slimmer ankle! Suzanne (Designer & MD)

By (Wakefield , United Kingdom) on 07 Nov. 2016 (Show/Dress Boot by Fuller Fillies) :

Worth every penny!

I bought these a year ago just for showing in. Every time I get them out of the boot bag I am pleased at how smart they look. Super comfortable and durable. I followed the instructions on the Fitting Guide and they really do fit like a dream. I would definitely buy these again.

By (Bampton, United Kingdom) on 26 Oct. 2016 (Show/Dress Boot by Fuller Fillies) :

My first purchase

I think these were the first thing I bought from FF - too many years ago! They so strong and durable. I happily wear them all day competing. The zips have lasted, only towards the end of this season did it start to go. The best purchase ive ever made. Soft to wear and a fantastic fit. I have 18-20" calves and these fit like a dream. Aiming for some for xmas 2016 x

By (Milano, Italy) on 25 Oct. 2016 (Show/Dress Boot by Fuller Fillies) :

I LOVE them!!

I bought a pair of these boots a few years ago, not because I ride, but mainly because I liked them and I thought they were cool.
Are of very good quality, confortable and extremely durable (in fact, I am wearing them for most of my spare time), while I am sure are good also for their original purpose (but I've never tried them), I think are worth buying even as normal leather boots:

I am the kind of person who literally "eat" shoes...because I keep using over and over and over and I am not exactly the best at mantaining properly (with grease and such)...so with me most shoes, even the top quality ones, usually are shredded to pieces in one year or so...after two years, the leather combat boots I've bought lost their sole and they were army surplus, so they were checked by the Government (ok...Italian...but still Government!)...

...but these boots are still standing and still look very good...with a little shoeshine, even if they endured rain, extensive walking (when I arrived here I've marched from Oxford Circus to Ealing Broadway while wearing them...and in Tokyo I went around with them for about 3-4 days of constant walk, including walking on the aerial walkway near the station in Shibuya!) and mistreatments of a "cruel" (or better, lazy) owner...but they are still perfect and lovely! :)

Moreover I also like the fact that while the main customer base is female, they are in fact unisex and wear like a charm even for me, who have pretty large feet and big muscular calves!

Obviously for walking and marching with them I suggest socks with padding and cushioning (i.e., Thorlos Overcalf Combat Boot Socks), because walking extensively with any kind of boot could be tough for the feet (but seems a good exercise for thighs I think)...but I assure you that with the proper socks, these boots seem almost confortable as if they were slippers!

At the time took a bit of time to get them, but frankly they are worth every minute of wait and every pence spent on them and even more! :) :) :)


By (Fair Oaks, United States) on 04 Oct. 2016 (Show/Dress Boot by Fuller Fillies) :

Great deal!

Even with international shipping, which was fast, the cost of these boots is beyond compare. The leather is good quality, they shine up well, there is a lot of stretch in the panels, and the footbed is wide. I haven't gotten much wear out of them yet, but they durable. My only complaint is that the foot seems a hair small.

Fitting Guide

How to Measure Your Calf Width

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How to Measure for Boot length

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