Why can't I find my size or put my product into my basket?

Our website will only let you purchase what we physically have in stock, or what we can offer on Advance Order...if your size or colour choice isn't shown, we don't have it, and we don't know when it will be back in stock.

Fuller Fillies' sizing seems different to other Brands - Why?

We think it is important that our customers KNOW their correct Fuller Fillies dress size; as there is no National, let alone International standard for Women's clothing we based our model on that of Marks & Spencer prior 1985. We provide information on how to correctly measure yourself, information on how that relates to our own sizing and then offer further information per item, if the style or fabric results in a slightly different fit. Always consult the Size guide shown on every product page and read the information panel for any issues specific to the style and/or fabric of the item.

I want to buy your Boots and cannot find them anywhere. Why can't I find any?

We know…and we're sorry; this is a simple case of demand outstripping supply. Do you know we allow Advance Ordering of boots? Because we cannot get ahead of demand we strongly advise you to place an advanced order rather than waiting and hoping your size will be available when they arrive back in stock; they probably won't as most ordered stock of boots sells BEFORE it lands in our warehouse.

Why is my money taken when I order, even when I have to wait for my goods to arrive?

Our website is set up to take your money with your order on the advice of our Financial Services provider. Most goods are supplied on a 'next day' basis so this only becomes an issue when placing an advance order (see the previous question on Boots); We are sorry but we cannot make exceptions, however; you can cancel your order for a full refund at any time between ordering and dispatch; please log onto your account to cancel your order and view it's status.

When your package arrived I had 'hidden costs' to pay...

When we ship abroad you will have your Country's own Taxes and/or Duties to pay; we cannot tell you upfront what these are going to be because there are just too many variables! These costs are nothing to do with Fuller Fillies; all that you pay to us is the cost of the garment plus the cost of shipping it to your area and provided you have loggen into your account prior to shopping, you will see these costs in your basket. We DO NOT CHARGE UK VAT on any goods shipping outside the EU.

How do I convert your UK sizing to my US/Australian/Canadian/European sizing?

You don't! You measure yourself and then refer to our FIT Guide - then you'll know what FULLER FILLIES' size you are! Conversion charts and measurements for Boot styles are available by scrolling down the item page to 'Download'.

Go straight to the Sizing Guide by clicking this link:  http://bit.ly/2alMwNV

Where do you ship to?

Fuller Fillies ships WORLDWIDE; if your Country is not in the drop-down menu please send us a message via the Customer services module, we will be happy to provide a quote.

How do I know what my shipping charges are?

Provided you have an account with us, and have logged in using your username and password, the shipping charges will be shown in your basket as you shop. It takes a couple of minutes to create an account if you don't have one.

How do I convert £Sterling into my own Currency?

You may not have to! On the HOME page, top left, there is a currency change link showing a  £ sign which can be changed to one of seven other major world currencies. Select one and you will be shown prices in that currency at the prevailing exchange rate.

How long will I have to wait for my goods?

That depends on the availability of the goods you order. Just above the boxes you populate with your size and colour choices you will see the item availability field; NOTE this may change when you enter your size and colour choice! 'In Stock' means we have it here at our warehouse ready to ship. 'On Advance Order'  and 'On Back Order'  mean we are currently out of stock but new stocks are booked - scroll down to 'Further Information' to see when the stock is expected.

In Stock Goods are shipped next working day with orders checked at 9.30 UK time. We do not ship Friday, Saturday or Sunday or on UK Bank Holidays. Our Offices also close for the entirety of the Christmas and New Year period; we will announce 'last ordering times' on Facebook and via Newsletter as well as putting a message on the Website Home Page (see the large image at the top of the page).

Facebook Page

Newsletter Registration

I was told my Advance Order Goods would be here by now - where are they?

There are so many stages which a product has to go through to reach us and be ready for dispatch to you. After so many years of trading we are fairly good at predicting how long an item will take to come back in stock based on our relationship with the factory however; we don't buy anything 'off the peg'…all of our Brand Clothing is designed, specified, sampled and perfected FROM SCRATCH to ensure it is as close to perfect as is possible. We even have fabrics woven to our exact specification to ensure our clothing flatters and fits perfectly! This means there are many factors outside of our control which effect the time a product may take therefore; dates are offered as guidance only. If for any reason an Advance ordered item is going to take longer than first specified at time of order, you will be contacted by email and re-advised. We do not send messages if the item is due to arrive according to the original advice so PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ ALL THE INFORMATION GIVEN BEFORE ORDERING!

I see you are out of stock of an item and want you to let me know when it is back in stock - can you do that?

Yes; when an item is out of stock in the size/colour you select you now have a button showing which is labelled 'Notify me when available' ...also, have you registered for our Newsletter? We use this to notify customers of incoming products, new products and special offers - don't miss out!

Newsletter Registration

Do you sell to the Trade?

Yes we do. Fuller Fillies ONLY sold through the Trade up until 2012 when, following hundreds of complaints from customers who were not able to find what they wanted locally, we launched our Direct Website. We do still have a number of Stockists both in the UK and overseas however; only this website sells everything that we do. If you are a Trade Customer, meaning you have a shop or are wholly involved in the sale of Equestrian Goods anywhere in the World, and would like to be considered for a Trade Account, please message us via the 'Contact Us' link and we will send out an application pack.