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Technical specification Breech  with silicon over print, Euro Cuff and side fastening

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  • Fabric: Polyester/Viscose/Elastane
  • Fit: Sleek with lots of stretch!
  • Colours: Beige
  • Features: Elegant side fastening zip, front ‘frog mouth’ pockets, silicon print knee patches, Lycra Cuff to ankle.
  • The ‘Classiq’ has grown up! Retaining similar features to the previous incarnation such as front pockets and side zipping, the Classiq now has some up-to-the-minute additions by way of silicon printed knee patches and a lycra cuff which is about as smooth as can be under boots or half chaps! The fabric mix is extremely stretchy whilst offering a good level of retention for absolute comfort.

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By (Atascadero, United States) on 19 Oct. 2018 (Classiq Breech by Fuller Fillies) :

Nice breech for the price, but long in the waist

I bought these for a show and while I appreciated construcion, styling, fabric and price, I was disappointed with the fit. Like most breeches, the waist is significantly bigger than the thighs. The thighs are tight and the waist is gaping and so big that it bunches up under the belt. I could go down 2 sizes in the waist easily, but the thighs would never fit.

They are also extremely long through the rise: when belted at my natural waist, the crotch hits me mid thigh. If the crotch is where it should be, the waist band is over my bra....and all the extra fabric is unflattering. While I can deal with the waist gaping, the droopy crotch is uncomfortable. They are also quite long...I'm 5'7" short-waisted (thus the issues?) with most of my height in my legs and these are still too long through the leg for me.

I would like to try the Stickie Vickie's but am concerned about the same fit issues...and with the additional shipping to the US, the gamble is a tough one to take.

Hi there, all of our Breeches are 'long in the rise' - that's because this is a requirement of 98% of our customers who tend towards being Pear Shaped...I suspect from your description that you are more Apply shaped which is why you encountered these fit issues. We did launch a Breech for Apple Shaped Customers however it 'bombed' due to the smaller numbers requiring them...but you might want to take a look at the Rosy Posie as they will provide a better fit for you!
We can't accommodate everyone unfortunately - and whilst we do try different things and fits, we have found across the 12 years that we should stick with the fit we know works for the majority.

By (Spencer, United States) on 01 Nov. 2016 (Classiq Breech by Fuller Fillies) :

All the Attention Much Appreciated!!!

The Director of Fuller Fillies herself gave me so much advice and attention when I purchased my first pair of Classiqs, which was also my first purchase from Fuller Fillies. I am in the USA so had to do the whole thing at arms length. The fit is great! The Classiqs are everything you said they'd be and more!! Be sure I'll be buying more from you soon!!!! Thank you so much!!!

By (Fair Oaks, United States) on 04 Oct. 2016 (Classiq Breech by Fuller Fillies) :

Favorite breech!

These are great breeches. I am a knee patch fan moreso than a full seat fan. These are a lovely sticky alternative to the Sticky Vickies! The euro cuff, side zip, and pocket are nice touches. The material is shaping, firm, and has just enough stretch. The rise is a hair too tall for me, but that is a very minor complaint.

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