Actif Riding shirt by fuller Fillies


Cute little shirt with everything you need for showing or hacking!

On a '3 for 2' offer until June 14th! Put any three into your basket and we will do the rest!

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Fabric: Fine Polyester/Lycra

Fit: Base layer

Colours: White , Light Blue, Pistachio green

Features: Stock Collar, 1/4 button fastening, fast-wicking, short sleeves, super-stretchy

Quite the cutest shirt we have ever made, the Actif is the perfect shirt! Whilst the fabric feels luxurious and silky it is also a ‘technical fabric’ with high wicking properties providing a total sunblock. Princess tstyling makes this shirt extremely smart and slimming - with the side panels allowing air to circulate to keep you cool. The White and the Blue are obviously perfect for showing but also excellent for general riding as the collar will keep out the wind and the sun - and you won’t be missed if you wear the Pistachio Green!

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