Pre-Tied Stock by Fuller Fillies

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Pre-Tied long stock (cravat) either in plain white, or white with a touch of sparkle!

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Fabric: Cotton/Lycra

Colours: Plain White, White with Sparkle

Complimenting our entire range of show shirts, this stock is slightly longer than usual to accommodate a fuller neck (it's important to breath whilst you ride!) Simply arrange the loose ends into an attractive cravat style and secure with a tie-pin.

NEW for 2016 - we now have a slightly sparkly version for all of you sparkle-fans!

Pre Tied Stock by Fuller Fillies


By (Calgary, Canada) on 25 Oct. 2016 (Pre-Tied Stock by Fuller Fillies) :

Pre-tied stock

I found the plain pre tied stock needed a fair amount of user adjustment to look good. Not my favourite. Maybe I need to try the one with sparkles.

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